We believe in constant innovation when it comes to marketing your brand.

We are an extension of your brand

We thrive on developing tools and programs that will create new opportunities for sales. Because we believe the sales experience is about defining the customer’s needs and solving the customer’s problem, we invented the sell sheet. Through this medium we are able to effectively focus our sales efforts on specific products and promotions, as well as target particular customer groups.

This popular Atnip Co. tool enables our team to continually engage the customer during the sales presentation. The results have been so well received that others have attempted to replicate our format, which we feel is the sincerest form of flattery.

The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action.

Guy Kawasaki

Building your brand one customer at a time

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Pre-book sell sheets
  • Customized manufacturer sell sheets
  • Customized manufacturer programs
  • Personalized operator programs
  • Distributor inside-sales incentive selling events
  • Distributor marketing and trade show support
  • Micro Market product recommendation guide
  • Micro Market suggested plan-o-grams
  • Healthy initiatives fact sheets
  • 35-10-35 compliance list
  • Hospital products compliance list
  • All natural and/or 100% organic list
  • No GMOs list
  • Dietary restrictions fact sheets
  • Gluten-free product list
  • Kosher product list

The single most satisfying statement by a customer is, I’ll place an order.